People, who wish to come to Canada on a temporary basis, can come as either a visitor, a student or a worker.


Every year more than 35 million people visit Canada as tourists, students or temporary workers. Visitors enjoy the many opportunities Canada offers.

Visitors require visas to enter Canada. The requirements for entrance are the same for visitors, tourists or travellers simply transiting through a Canadian port of entry. Everyone must have valid permission to enter Canada no matter how short the stay is.

There are three types of Temporary Resident Visas:

Single-Entry visa


Allows one entry only to Canada within the validity of the visa.

Multiple-entry visa


Allows unlimited entries to Canada within the validity of the visa.

Transit visa


Allows for a short stop-over (maximum 48 hours) entry to Canada en route to another country. It can be granted for a single or multiple entries, depending on the applicant's travel requirements.

Visa officer determines the validity of the visa and whether the applicant meets all the requirements for visa issuance.  The validity date of the visa is the period during which you will have to travel to Canada.

When a person applies for a visa, applicant must satisfy a visa officer that he/she has both a valid purpose for the trip and that the personal situation shows that applicant will return to the home country.


A person must not remain in Canada permanently nor should work during the stay or study in Canada for more than six months without a Study Permit.


Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) a person may study in Canada without a Study Permit if he/she remains in Canada less than six months, but there is a new study option as well. If a person chooses this study option,  a Temporary Resident Visa still must be obtained.